Top 6 Travel Destinations for the Summer

Who wants to sit at home during summer? It’s the time for family fun and adventure. Most people go on vacation during summer. There are many wonderful places in the world where you can go to spend your summer vacation. Here are some suggestions.


Do you want to have a white adventure? Then go to Greenland. It’s less crowded and there are many places there where anyone hardly went. You can visit the Arctic Circle and go on a boat trip to see the icebergs. You will find it thrilling to see whales, walruses, and other creatures. During summer, Greenland has longer days and shorter nights. So, you will get more time to be outside doing exciting activities.


This place is known as the ‘land of hot air balloons’. You will love the fascinating history and culture of Turkey. The architecture is wonderful. It can be a great honeymoon or a family holiday destination. You will discover the underground caves and cities.


Prague is a magical place, and everything there is like a dream. The Municipal House, Spanish synagogue, and other things in the city are just wonderful. You will love the glasswork near the Old Town. The Vysehrad Castle is also worth visiting.

The horse-cart riders here are popular. Prague is one of the most budget-friendly places in Europe, so many people choose this place for their summer vacation.

Playa Del Carmen

This is known as the most beautiful beach town in Mexico. This place is now a popular summer holiday destination as it is less crowded than the other beach towns. Here you can do various activities like snorkeling and other water sports.

The South of Playa is worth visiting to know about the history of the town. The Mexican food here is delicious.


If you are looking for some serenity in the land of the Himalayas, then you must visit Pokhara. From here you will get a glimpse of the stunning mountains. It is a popular destination for backpackers, couples, and nature lovers. The weather here is great during the summer months.

New Zealand

If you love to be close to nature, then you must visit New Zealand. You will hardly find such a beautiful natural view elsewhere. The weather here is great in summer. You will love the majestic landscapes and get the chance to do various outdoor activities.

You should visit one or more of these places this summer depending on what type of holiday you are looking for.