Why Babies and Parents Need Good Quality Sleep

When a new baby is born, it’s a very challenging time for the parents, especially the mother. Giving birth to a baby causes a lot of stress on the mother’s body and mind. After that, sleepless nights can be a terrible blow to health and wellbeing.

Babies often stay awake at night and this can affect the baby’s health too. Here are some reasons why babies and parents need good quality sleep.

Healthy development of the baby

Babies need to have proper sleep to have a healthy development. Sleep deprivation can hamper the baby’s brain development. Studies have shown that babies who have good sleep at night have high cognitive scores.

Affects mood

Baby tantrums can be difficult to deal with. If they sleep well at night, then they will have an easy temperament. So, you will find it comfortable to take care of the baby the entire day. If the baby doesn’t sleep well at night, he or she will experience fatigue and might cry for a long time.

When parents get less sleep, it affects their mood too. Mothers have to deal with postpartum depression and it can get worse due to sleepless nights. Eventually, they will start behaving badly with the babies.

Lead to serious health problems

Babies who don’t get sufficient sleep at night may become overweight. The same goes for the mother. She will also gain weight. If the weight cannot be controlled, then it will lead to other serious health problems.

Though sleep deprivation is very common for parents, still you should take measures to reduce this condition. Even when babies grow up, they might still have sleeping problems. You should not hesitate to implement a 6 month old sleep schedule.

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