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Travel, parenting, wellbeing, and culinary are some popular topics that people often want to know and talk about. This magazine is all about these trending topics. The readers learn about holiday destinations, travel tips, health, wellbeing, food, parenting, and a lot more. It is a very popular magazine and we have thousands of new visitors every day.

We update our magazine with new articles every day which includes informative articles, travel stories, parenting journeys, news, and more. As we write about different things, we want to add more perspective to this magazine by inviting new writers to write for us.

We are looking for creative and dynamic writers who can contribute positively to our magazine. If you have written for magazines or blogs before and have good knowledge about these topics, then you can write for us.


To be a part of our team you need to write unique articles related to the niche. Your topics must be well researched so that the readers learn something new after reading your articles. The articles must be plagiarism-free and not published elsewhere.

You should write an attractive heading for the article so that the readers get motivated to read the whole article. The article must not be too long; less than 800 words will be appropriate.

You must write in a conversational tone as we have readers of various age groups and backgrounds. The sentences and paragraphs must be short and understandable. You must include nice pictures to go along with your articles. Readers tend to like articles full of pictures rather than just text.


After writing the article, you must revise it thoroughly for checking any grammatical or typing errors. You must submit the article and the picture by email. Once we receive it, our team will review your article and give you feedback. You might need to modify the article, if necessary.

To get considered for this post, you should send us your CV along with a sample of your previous writing. If we think that you are suitable to be part of our team then we will contact you and ask you to start writing for us. Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.